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Bookmark Quick Tip: Color Scheme Designer

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Just a little heads up for you, when working with colors.

I won’t go into color theory here, but when you look for color-combinations for your current project, you can help yourself by using a color scheme designer directly in your browser. You definetly should have one of those in your bookmarks.

The one I showed here let’s you combine colors according to certain theories (mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic, accented analogic).

You can choose your colors while having color-blindness or other seeing disabilities in mind (thinking of barrier-free webdesign).

It even lets you swith between modes (RGB, web, etc., …), randomizes palettes, gives you a possible preview of the colors in a web-project and saves your finished swatches as handy files for your applications or HTML/CSS.


Color Scheme Designer 3 Screenshot
Color Scheme Designer 3 Screenshot