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Freebie of the Week: Adobe CS 2.0 Design Standard

Wow guys, I want to give you an head-up to one awesome freebie:

Adobe is giving you CS 2.0 Design Standard for free!

All you need to do is sign-up for an Adobe account, if you haven't already.

To get direct to the download page, visit this LINK.

There are versions for WIN and MAC available (Premiere Pro isn't supported on MAC, though)

Here is what you'll get:

Adobe Creative Suite CS2 (Standard):
Acrobat 3D 1.0 (Windows)
Acrobat Standard 7.0
Acrobat Pro 8.0
Audition 3.0
GoLive CS2
Illustrator CS2
InCopy CS2
InDesign CS2
Photoshop CS2
Photoshop Elements 4.0/5.0
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

Ok, ok. CS 2 was released many years ago, but if you haven't any version of these programs, it's better than nothing.

Have fun and happy designing,

Januar 7, 2013Comments are off for this post.

Some thoughts on Webdesign Applications (Photoshop vs. Fireworks)

Hi guys,

thanks for checking by. My first blog post actually.

Recently I made some thoughts about a webdesign workflow that would fit my needs the best.
Originally, I came from designing graphics for print-production.
So, my main-tools are photoshop and indesign (note: I use Illustrator mainly for creating logos, type and abstract/geometric artwork).
When I was forced to do more web-graphics, as my work developed, I wondered which was the best tool to do these tasks.
Of course, as a long-time photoshop user, Photoshop was my go-to weapon of choice.
When you witness the discussion about web-design, you see that there are two bases, those who use photoshop and those you use a more web-specific application such as fireworks.

Well, after reading about the pro's and con's, I must say, that Photoshop may not be the rigt tool for me for the future.
Which is kind of sad, because I love the Photoshop workflow.

My main aim is, at the moment, to start into designing websites. To take it a step further, I also want to get one running demo-site after the design process, to showcase my work to the client, and so on.
Fireworks (even in combination with Dreamweaver) seems to be the right choice here.
But I don't think I might dump Photoshop completely when working for web (gifs, banners, etc.)

Note: I just started out in web-programming and I am still looking for the most-comfortable way to do it, at least for me.


1. If you are interested in the pro's of Fireworks in webdesign, be sure to read that article:

© Reinegger.net

2. If you are starting out on Fireworks now, be sure to check this awesome tutorial on working with Fireworks from the great Abduzeedo:

Abduzeedo: Webdesign with Fireworks

3. Another great walk-through to get to know working with Fireworks is this:

You have some other thoughts on this topic? Then please let me know with a comment or personal email.

Happy Designing and all the best,



Adobe stated, that Fireworks will no longer be developed in their "Creative Suites".

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© Markus Schipp, 2021